Woodworking Tool Tips: Router Bits

Once you have a router and begin to experiment a little bit you will start purchasing more and more router bits to create new and exciting projects. There is an extremely wide variety of router bits allowing you a vast selection when you go to complete a new project.

There are different router bits depending on what project you need to complete. Different bits will help you create signs, create a flush trim, make different styles of raised panels and put the finishing touches on almost any project. It is important to remember that no matter what type of router bit you need to complete a project, you should choose a quality bit.

There are two main types of router bits: carbide and high speed steel (HSS). Carbide router bits are very strong and they keep an edge much longer than high speed steel bits, so they will give you a quality finish for much longer. However, carbide bits are very brittle and they tend to chip easily. They are also very expensive, which may not make them a practical choice for everyone. Instead of buying a solid carbide bit, choose a carbide tipped bit which is less expensive and will stand up to life in the wood shop longer.

High speed steel bits are still available as well and they are good for the occasional use. However if you are going to be using a bit for a lot of work, the HSS bits tend to dull quickly and will need to be re-sharpened more frequently than a carbide tipped bit.

You can also choose between pilot and non-pilot router bits. Basically, a pilot bit has a small ball bearing in them that keeps them fixed. A non-pilot bit needs to be used with a jig or a fence for proper control.

There is an absolutely huge variety of router bits. The best way to choose a bit is to find the style of finish you like and want to achieve and hit the hardware store for the proper bit. It can be almost overwhelming sometimes to choose between the different styles.

If you are looking for a bit to use with trim, you can find a router bit for creating flush trim, a beveled trim, concave trim, a v- groove or more. If you want to put an edge on something, you can choose from table top, round over, concave, groove and much more.

Routers are easily the most versatile tool in the shop, largely due to the wide variety of router bits that are available. Enjoy this incredibly versatile tool and all it can do for you.